Historic Homestead, Gardens and Cafe


Full of history and timeless charm. Come and take a self-guided tour of this national treasure. Step back in time and discover the memories and stories of our historic homestead and garden estate, the heart of Gordonton’s history.

Also located at the Estate is Woodlands Garden Grove Cafe & Bar. Privately owned and operated, the café looks out onto an old-fashioned cricket oval.

Woodland’s Homestead is a category 1 Historic Place, Heritage New Zealand. Come and see why our gardens are rated as a 5-star Garden of National Significance by the New Zealand Garden Trust. The gardens are home to New Zealand's largest Eucalyptus, the finest Liriodendron in the Waikato, an American Ash and a Juniperus Chinensis.

View our map and calendar below to help guide you through the Estate and find out what happens in the garden when the seasons change.

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Visiting Hours

Gardens: Monday to Sunday - 9am to 3.30pm (donations appreciated)
Homestead: Monday to Sunday - 10am to 3.30pm ($3 entry)
Cafe: Weekdays - 9am to 3.00pm | Weekends - 9am to 4pm

Welcoming Guests Through Our Doors Since 1872

Woodlands Estate was established as a 98,000 acre estate purchased from The Crown by The Piako Swamp Company for 2/6 (25 cents) an acre. The Homestead, restored to its former glory, was initially built as a Manager's residence between 1875 and 1881. It is primarily made of Kauri and still features some original weatherboards and roof iron.

Thank You

Woodlands Estate is looked after by a not-for-profit trust, with the gardens being well-maintained by the Waikato District Council.

The overall historic and aesthetic value of the homestead and gardens has been maintained thanks to generous donations and voluntary time. The Trust extends its gratitude for the generous support of the community over the years.

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Estate Calendar

Date: Thursday, 1st January

While the Homestead is open daily, it may be closed weekend afternoons for wedding preparations.

Visit us on the 2nd Sunday of each month and wander the many market stalls on the cricket oval in front of the cafe. Check our facebook page for updates and cancellations.

Roses, Hydrangea, Nepta (Catnip), Lavender, Lirriope (both Purple & White), Epimedium, Clivia’s, Hosta’s, Dicentra, Delphinium, Wisteria (front of Homestead), Achillea, Indigofera (looks like Wisteria)
Clivia will be setting the red seed heads, these look stunning against their gloss green leaves.
Sambucus Niagra will in fruit, look for the dark purple berries held in clusters on the branches, birds love these berries